There are people that you meet in life that are instantly inspirational, their passion for life and their work is instantly contagious. Doug and Amanda are some of those people. They have adopted and are currently helping other families adopt.

This is our first full length documentary. Amanda and Doug share the stories of each of their seven adoptions. They share the struggles and victories that come with the adoption process. They also speak candidly about the need for adoption and their passion for finding families for waiting children.

Doug and Amanda are master storytellers, instantly drawing you into their world, their thoughts, and their stories.


Project Goal: The goal for this project was to tell the Doug and Amanda’s story and inspire people considering adoption to step out in faith and adopt. The secondary goal was to introduce Amanda and her story to help her build a platform to share her message from.

Project Scope: We produced a feature length documentary film about the Doug and Amanda’s journey with adoption to inspire other families considering adoption.

The full project included:

We were so blessed by the passion and presence of Bryon and Lorilee!  They listened intently to what we shared about our work, they affirmed us, and then offered themselves unreservedly to further the vision we’ve been given!  These people are truly encouraging, gifted and zealous for communication that moves people’s hearts and minds!  We count ourselves profoundly blessed to work with them!


Writer, Speaker

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