Branding Portfolio

We have had the privilege of providing message branding services to nonprofits in Asia since 2016.

New Life School Cambodia

New Life School provides a quality Cambodia education for children of all economic levels in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They needed a clear brand message to communicate to donors why New Life School exists and the impact it is having on the students that attend the school. We spent time listening to the leadership team, hearing about challenges facing Cambodia’s next generation of students, how New Life School is addressing those challenges, and the impact they are having in the lives of students and families in Phnom Penh. We helped them develop a language set that is woven through their core beliefs, how they work, and why they are both needed and effective. This message brand language was used to create a new website for New Life School to help with fundraising towards a new school building.

Clear Cambodia

Clear Cambodia provides clean water to thousands of Cambodians every year through their BioSand water filter program. They needed a brand that communicated to granting organizations, local government officials, and potential consumers of their BioSand water filters. We spent time with their program managers and on project sites learning about how they work, their history and why they chose to provide BioSand filters. We crafted a brand that provide a depth of information on the benefits of BioSand filters, their extensive experience as an organization, and how they work with communities to bring clean water. This brand message was used to create a new website that reaches both international grantors as well as locals needing clean water.

Shalom Church and Dream Valley Retreat Center

Shalom Church and Dream Center needed a brand message that communicated the situation of their churches, pastors and members in a way their western donor base would understand and connect with. We spent time listening to them share about the ways they work to help and support the Cambodian people who attend their churches. We helped them craft a brand message that helped donors understand that as Cambodian leaders they were uniquely qualified to know how to serve these communities of people. Their new brand gives them a consistent message that helps donors understand why they do what they do and the methods they use to serve the communities around their churches.

YWAM Mercy Vietnam

YWAM Mercy Vietnam empowers communities to address poverty through specific sustainable community based development projects. They needed a new way of communicating about their work that was people and impact focused. We spent time listening to who they are and how they work, and we spent time experiencing the depth of their relationships in the communities where they work and the impact that was happening through those relationships.

We developed their brand into a new website that focus on the different ways they help communities address poverty and the impact of those projects on real people.

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