Your audience needs to understand you before they can feel connected to you.

As a global population we are acutely aware of needs around us. We see need everywhere we turn. Our social media feeds, the news we listen to, and our email inboxes are saturated with requests to meet the needs of individuals, communities and even entire nations.

Need is no longer enough to warrant attention, let alone drive engagement.

As humans we have limits on how much we can engage this overwhelming need, so we give attention to needs which we understand and feel connected to.

We Help Your Audience Understand:

Problem – What problem are you solving


Solution – What solution are you providing

Why – What motivates you to work with this problem

Impact – How are you designing and delivering your solution in a way that is uniquely effective

We craft a brand message that helps your audience understand the answers to these questions.


This message helps them connect with who you are as an organization and empathize with the people you are serving on a human level.

Three Key Attributes Of An Effective Nonprofit Brand

Aspirational – We as humans want to believe that the world can be a better place and that we can make it a better place through our actions.

Deeply human – Human connection is one of the deepest emotional needs we have – to understand others and be understood. Our human response to need places a priority on helping people we feel connected to.

Specific – Your brand should be  crafted to speak to a specific audience that shares your values and beliefs and is focused on solving the problem you are addressing.

Your brand will clearly communicate why you do what you do and draw clear connections between your work and the core values and beliefs that you hold.

In the current market, competition for donor funds is very high. It is no longer enough to be able to tell people what you do or to educate them about the problem you are solving. To build a successful connection with a donor you also need to show them who you are and why you are both efficient and effective. Your message has to be crafted using language that resonates with the values and beliefs you hold in common with your audience. People will join you when they:

Understand you


Have similar beliefs and motivations


Care about the solving the problem you are working with


Trust you as an organization


See you as an effective and efficient solution to the problem

What You Get

Clear branding language that can be easily and consistantly used through all your communications.


When you hire us for brand messaging you can expect:

In Person Process – We meet with your leadership team and guide you through the process of clarifying your brand and revealing the key points of connection with your audience. As part of this process we gather the needed information about your programs and how you operate to help you develop ways of communicating about your work that will connect with and inspire a wider audience.
Brand Messaging Guide – We take the information we gather from the brand discovery process and use it to craft a unique brand message, that ties the various aspects of who you are and what you do into one easy to understand narrative. This is delivered to you in a PDF so it can be easily accessible when crafting new communications.
Organization Specific Application Consulting – Wanting to immediately apply this information to your website? Your social media? Need help getting a newsletter started or need a communications job description written? Part of the process and deliverables in this service are specific to your organizations needs.

Depth Matters

Your brand will separate you from other organizations and have the depth to prove that you as an organization are worth investing in.

A brand will be more than a logo, a font, and a catchy tag line. It will include an intentionally developed language set that describes the many aspects of your organization, it’s work, and the people you are serving. Your brand will demonstrate why you are successful, efficient and effective.

The essence of an effective brand lies in its ability to build and maintain an authentic connection with its audience.

While visual design is important, and being active on the latest social media is fun, neither of these demonstrate trust or connection.

Inspiring action revolves around two things, doing real work that inspires people, and building authentic connections.

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