Chhouy is a little boy that lives at the NHCC village. He full of life and quite the character for his teachers to deal with. Listen as Kathy Tucker tells the story of the fight to save Chhouy’s life.

Spending just a few days with Kathy and John Tucker at NHCC gave us a great insight into how much they value the life of every child that comes to them and the lengths they will go to to help them live their lives to the fullest.


Project Goal: The goal of this project was to update New Hope For Cambodian Children media library to aid the director in meeting fundraising goals.

Continuing Relationship: We started our work with NHCC in 2015 with this project.  Early in 2017 we updated their website and are working on more media and website projects for them through 2017.

Project Scope: Chhouy’s story was part of a larger project to update the media library and show what life is like at the New Hope for Cambodian Children Village.

The full project included:

  • Update NHCC about video
  • Create stock photo library
  • Create video telling a child’s story
  • Create a short fun video

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