This project, David’s story, has been one of our hardest projects of the year.

We met David in June and got to see him several times between when he was at his foster home and then when he traveled to ELIM kids.

When we captured this footage it was a story of hope. David was really sick, almost died, but through love and care was doing much better. It was an amazing story of how every child was valuable, every child deserves someone fighting for them, and everyone can do something to help make the world a better place.

When we met David he was still very sick, underweight, and was in the process of loosing all 10 toes due to frostbite, but he had a smile on his face and was doing better every day. It was exciting and all our interviews captured this energy.

In October the story took a very sharp and sad turn, David got sick again and died. There was still a story, but our footage captured in June didn’t match the real story that unfolded.

However, this is still a story worth telling. Even though the story didn’t turn out as we had hoped, it is still a story of how every child is valuable and deserves someone fighting for them. It is still a story of how everyone can do something to make the world a better place.

Even though David’s story didn’t turn out as we had hoped it is still worth telling. Because of the people in this video, and many others, David got 6 more months of life and got to see love and his worth in those fighting for him.


Project Goal: The goal of this project was to show the work that Elim Kids is doing and their love for children with HIV through David’s story. The secondary goal was to raise awareness for the plight of children infected with HIV.

Project Scope: David’s Story was part of a larger project for Elim Kids.

The full project included:

  • Short Film – David’s story
  • About video for Elim Kids
  • Photos Library of the Elim Kids project

Working with the guys at Sharing Dots was great. We really enjoyed getting to know them and for sharing our passion for HIV orphans in China with them. They were reliable and professional and did a great job.


Founder, Elim Kids

Sharing Dots was an amazing team to work with so we could share our foster son’s story. They traveled to our city and set up in our living room to do interviews. They filmed daily life as well as some fun activities our family did together. They worked with us to change things in the video to make it what we wanted. It was perfect and something we will treasure forever. Overall the whole process of working with Sharing Dots was easy and laid back. The video has been shared thousands of times through various social media platforms, and even today our foster son’s story impacts people. Through Sharing Dots video of his story we have had the chance to educate others that HIV is not something to fear. His story has impacted people around the world, and we couldn’t have done that without Sharing Dots. Our foster son wanted his story known. He wanted people to see him for the person that he was, not his disease. Sharing Dots helped us do that.


David's Foster Mother

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