YWAM Mercy Vietnam

We had such a good experience working with Sharing Dots. Bryon and Lorilee are so talented, creative and easy to work with. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our donors and friends as well. I’d be eager to do more projects with Sharing Dots in the future. – Christine Ojih, Communications Director, YWAM Mercy Vietnam

Project AK-47

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Bryon both in his personal world and in many project contexts. He always works hard for you, from the heart while still applying a strategic mind to your brand and message. This Southeast Asia based agency he and his wife run, effectively blend business, creativity and the NGO sector. His photography work is values driven, unique and world class. – Marcus Young, CEO & Founder

New Life School Cambodia

You have done a great job Bryon.  I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for site design.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity. – Cynde McCaul, New Life School Cambodia

Ted's Adoption

It was such a privilege to get to share Ted’s adoption story with Sharing Dots. Bryon and Lorilee are kind, personable, professional, and have such a heart for children. Their work inspired our own adoption journey, and through our partnership with Sharing Dots, we’ve been able to connect with and help support others exploring the adoption of a visually impaired child. — Ted’s Mother

Hostetlers Adoption Story

We were so blessed by the passion and presence of Bryon and Lorilee!  They listened intently to what we shared about our work, they affirmed us, and then offered themselves unreservedly to further the vision we’ve been given!  These people are truly encouraging, gifted and zealous for communication that moves people’s hearts and minds!   — Amanda, writer and speaker

Bethel China

There is no way a small organization could ever afford to pay them for their incredible talents and skills. Every time we had a website or media need, they stepped up and gave above and beyond what we could hope for. They truly live out their mission statement of believing in human value.  — Anna, Development Director Bethel China

What if we could change the way people see the world?

The world doesn’t need more fear and guilt driven media.

It’s not that there aren’t bad things happening around the world, there are. However, there is a lot of exciting good work being done as well.

We work with NGO’s all over the world to create media that celebrates human value. This media transforms their communications and changes how their audience sees the people they are serving.

Sharing Dots is a boutique creative agency that was founded as a nonprofit to serve humanitarian organizations that cannot afford to pay the full cost of media and marketing resources.

We are located in Asia and operate on a cost basis to keep our services affordable to small and mid-size nonprofit organizations.

However many organizations are still not able to afford the cost of our work. 

This is where they need your help.

Donors like you are strategically investing in creative services because they believe we should celebrate the good things happening in the world.


When you donate, we take that donation and use it to transform a small NGO’s marketing. The tools we provide enhance their ability to communicate about their work and allow them to effectively raise funds and expand their programs.




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ARE YOU 501c3?

Yes, we are part of Allegro.  They are a 501c3 charity in the US and handle donations that come into our project.

When you donate (if you are from the USA), you will receive a tax deductible donation in the mail.

What is 501c3?  501c3 is a US tax status for registered charities that allows donations to be deducted from the donors tax burden.  If you are from the US, this helps you save money on taxes.  If you are from another country, this status provides credibility in knowing the organization has gone through the proper steps to become recognized as a charity in the US and is monitored to make sure it is abiding by the standards.


Nope, however we are only registered as a charity in the US so we won’t be able to provide tax receipts for other countries.


Join us believing in human value and sharing good things that are happening in the world.

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