Filmmaking Portfolio

We have had the privilege of providing filmmaking services to nonprofits in Asia since 2015.

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One Sky Foundation

One Sky works with vulnerable children and families along the Thailand, Myanmar border. Children in these area are often separated from their families and placed in children homes so they can receive an education. One Sky needed a video that helped their audience understand the challenges facing these children and the importance of these children continuing to live in their families.

We created a short film (with photography to go with it) that told the stories of two children that One Sky is sponsoring to attend school, the challenges they faces, and their dreams of continuing their education at university.  We also did a Thai version of the video to be used in Thailand marketing.

Love Justice International

Love Justice International works operates border monitoring stations along busy human trafficking routes between countries where they intercept potential trafficking victims before they are trafficked and exploited. They needed a video to show both online and at events that helped people understand the process of trafficking, what it means to be vulnerable, how traffickers lure people in and how they intercept people before they are trafficked.

We proposed a video concept, work with Love Justice to refine the script, and then directed and filmed the project on the ground in Nepal. The resulting film has been show and numerous events to raise awareness for the work of Love Justice and help raise money to continue the fight against trafficking.

Ted’s Adoption Story

This video was created for Bethel China and Ted’s Family. Ted’s family wanted their first meeting with Ted captured on video so they could have the memories. Bethel China wanted to share what the adoption experience was like to inspire other parents to adopt a visually impaired child from China.

We filmed an interview with Jennifer, Ted’s mother, and filmed their meeting. We created a short film documenting their first meeting that was used to advocate for more parents to adopt. The film was published on our YouTube channel and currently has over 130,000 views.

ELIM Cambodia

ELIM Cambodia works with women trapped in exploitation through their Be Free Program. They needed a video to use at speaking events to introduce people to the program and provide and emotional connection to the impact they were having.

We worked with them to craft a message and choose which stories to tell, before filming the project on location in Cambodia. The video was instrumental in helping the make significant increases in their funding for the project, and the additional awareness help them recruit volunteers to assist with the project over the next couple years.

Ratanak International

Ratanak International needed a way to help their guests at a gala event understand the situation in Cambodia and emotionally connect with their staff on the ground who are impacting the lives of exploited women. We filmed and produced a video on location in Phnom Penh to help them achieve these goals. The final video shared the reality of the situation while providing hope that lives were being changed because of the dedicated work of Ratanak’s staff.

Lily’s Story

Matt and Heather heard from friends about an orphaned girl with HIV had been living in an isolation room in a hospital in ASIA for over a month. They immediately knew they had to act to help this girl. They acted quickly and soon received permission to foster Lily.

They wanted to share their story of fostering and adopting Lily to advocate for children with HIV and help people around the world see children with HIV as valuable, worthy of love and possible sons and daughters. We created a short film where they were able to tell their story, that was published on YouTube. To date the film has been views more than 250,000 times.

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