We got the chance to travel with Finn’s adoptive parents when they first met him in China. Every child deserves a family. Even though Finn is visually impaired he has so much hope and potential.

Watch as he meets his adoptive parents for the first time, shows them around his school at Bethel China, and becomes part of his forever family.


Project Goal:┬áThe goal of this project was to create lasting memories for Finn and his family of his adoption day. We also wanted to inspire people to adopt a visually impaired child through Finn and his family’s story.

Project Scope: Finn’s story was produced in collaboration with Bethel China

The full project included:

  • Short film documenting the day Finn met his parents
  • Photo’s documenting the day

We adopted our son from China in August of this year. The day that we got him the Lippincott family met us early that morning and stayed with us until that night. They made our day absolutely perfect, not only because of the excellent work they did, but more importantly because of the friendship we developed. They have a passion for what they do and they live it out in a beautiful way.

Ferrin and Beth Bayles

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