Levi is always giggling! He loves to play with his teachers, caregivers and friends.


Project Goals: The goal of this project was to create videos of children waiting to be adopted.  The videos were to show the child’s personality as well as their different abilities and challenges for prospective parents to have a clearer picture.

Project Scope: Levi’s video was part of a larger project done for Bethel China where we created video and photo for a Find My Family campaign.

The full project included:

  • Video and photo for 27 children waiting for families
  • Adoption stories of families who choose to adopt
  • Sponsorship video

Bryon and Lorilee worked 12 hour days for six weeks, tirelessly and without complaint to give us high quality, beautiful photos and videos of each of our children that are waiting for families. Because of them, several children have already been matched to families and we are confident that many more will as well. There is no way a small organization could ever afford to pay them for their incredible talents and skills. Every time we had a website or media need, they stepped up and gave above and beyond what we could hope for. They truly live out their mission statement of believing in human value.


Development Director, Bethel China

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