Lily was abandoned in a train station when she was a baby.  Then, she was abandoned again when she was 3 when the family who was taking care of her learned she was HIV positive. Because she was HIV positive, the orphanage wouldn’t take her.  Somehow she ended up in a hospital, but the hospital didn’t know what to do, and were scared of her HIV, so they had her in isolation.

Watch as Lily became fostered and now is adopted by Matt and Heather, who now have a clan of 5 kids all together.

Unfortunately, Lily’s story isn’t that uncommon except for the fact that she is adopted and given a second chance in life.  Kids all over the world are affected by HIV, and so much of what can make their lives better is the understanding that they have potential and value.


Project Goal: The goal of this project was to provide personal, shareable films that communicate the story behind The Lily Project and the founders’ vision for the future.

Results: To date Lily’s Story has 70,000+ views on Youtube and Facebook

Project Scope: Lily’s story was one of two films produced for The Lily Project. The other film was to help the founders share why they started the project and the goals of the organization. The second film was created to tell the story of Lily, the girl who was the inspiration for The Lily Project. We also provided brand coaching and script adaptation for the project overview film.

I had a phenomenal experience working with Bryon and Lorilee. They really took time to hear our hearts and passion behind The Lily Project and put together an amazing video that captured it all. Their passion and drive for what they do surpasses many standards. While they themselves are not actively involved in our project, their hearts and passion of helping us get our story out there was such an amazing encouragement to us as we were getting started. I think the biggest thing that stuck out to me in working with them was just how passionate they are about helping people get their stories out there for others to see.


Co- founder The Lily Project, The Lily Project

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Bryon and Lorilee. They helped us to tell our daughters story. It was an amazing experience. They made us so comfortable and really knew how to draw us and the story out. We felt instantly connected to them and felt that they really cared about our daughters story and our life. Our daughter is HIV positive and seeing the way her story and ours has impacted lives is incredible. I believe that more lives have been changed through this video then we’ll ever know. We are so thankful to have met them and to have had the pleasure of working with them.


Lily's Mom

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