Mr. Liao is a coffee expert. He has been growing coffee sinceĀ 1990. We filmed Mr. Liao’s story near Pu’er in Yunnan China for Torch Coffee. Torch Coffee is a premier coffee training lab in China. Torch believes that to understand coffee, and what it takes to make great coffee, you have to understand the growing process and how a coffee farm works.

Torch wanted to share a taste of the farm experience with their potential students. We traveled to Mr. Liao’s coffee farm with some students to capture the farm experience included in Torch’s training and tell Mr. Liao’s story.


Project Goal: Create media for Torch Coffee to use throughout the year to connect with their audience and increase awareness of their brand.

Project Scope: Mr. Liao’s story was part of a larger project forĀ Torch Coffee.

The full project included:

  • Mr. Liao’s Story
  • Advertising video’s for their coffee training classes
  • Video tutorials on coffee brewing methods
  • Short video clips for Instagram and Facebook

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