Alternative Employment To Women Exiting Prostitution

Nightlight works with women caught in the commercial sex industry in Bangkok.  They provide jobs, training and counseling to women who want to leave and find a new life.

Nightlight has many different businesses where women can learn different job skills and contribute to a team environment.

I was able to see what they are doing, document their work environment and the different skills they are learning.

The women can learn screen printing, jewelry making, baking and catering, making silk flowers and beading artwork on fabric.

Nightlight runs a coffee shop in the red light district to reach out to women working in the area as well as their customers.

It was great to see the work that Nightlight is doing. They have provided an amazing, stable, healthy community for these women to heal and grow in.


Project Goal: The goal of this project was to show the work Nightlight International is doing while protecting the privacy of the women they serve.

Project Scope: Provide Nightlight International with an updated photo catalog that tells the story of their work.

The full project included:

  • Photos of the redlight district they work in
  • Photos of their work program
  • Photos of their care programs

Lorilee and Bryon were such a joy to work with. They were easy to get along with and very competent with what they were doing. They captured our organization in action and the pictures they took for us, were of great quality and caught the heart of what we do. We were all very impressed with the work they had done and would recommend their work to everyone!

NIghtlight International

NIghtlight International

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