Photography Portfolio

We have had the privilege of providing photography services to nonprofits in Asia since 2014.

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Project AK-47

Project Ak-47 works in areas of regional conflict to prevent vulnerable children from being conscripted as child soldiers. They needed a new library of photos to help them visually communicate the danger these children face and the beauty and value of each child.

We provided creative direction and photography for an editorial series of images that depict the dangers children in regional conflict face and what it looks like when children become soldiers.

Love Justice International

Love Justice International operates border monitoring stations along busy human trafficking routes between countries where they intercept potential trafficking victims before they are trafficked and exploited. They needed a set of aspirational portraits to help their audience see the value and potential of women who could be potential trafficking victims.

We provided planning, art direction and photography for two series of images that are currently in use for their Project Beautiful campaign.

Alongsiders – Shalom Valley Camp

Alongsiders International operates Cambodia’s first adventure camp for children. They needed photos to advertise the camp to the various organizations and churches around Cambodia who will potentially rent the camp for retreats and meetings.

We provided photos and a video that highlighted the camp experience and the opportunities the camp presents for groups wanting to get away and spend time building relationships and healing from abuse.

Bethel China

Bethel China runs foster care homes for visually impaired orphans in China. Some of the children they care for are eligible for international adoption. They needed photos of the children that would advocate for their adoption.

We provided photo and video of 26 children elegable for adoption as well as crafted and helped execute a month long adoption campaign. As a result of the campaign several of the children were adopted.

Freedom Story

The Freedom Story works to prevent trafficking and exploitation of children in Northern Thailand. They needed new photos for a year end fundraising campaign that celebrated the people they are serving and helped their audience see the value of continuing to support these children and youth.

We provided photographs that focused on the value of the people they were serving and the professional care and education the Freedom Story staff provides on a daily basis. The fundraising campaign was successful, bringing in their fundraising goal.


Nightlight works in red light districts in Thailand to rescue and provide opportunities to women trapped in exploitation. They needed photographs of their programs and of the redlight areas where they work to help their audience understand the situation in the redlight areas, and how they are impacting the lives of the women they are rescuing.

We provided a full library of images organized by subject area in both print and web sizes that they can pull from for various marketing needs.


Eden is a social business that provide shelter, counseling, and job training for women who leave exploitation. They needed photographs of their new products to update their website.

We provided product shots of selected pieces of their product line and photos of their different programs so they could update their website and marketing materials.

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