Non-Profit Organizations

Sharing Dots was founded as a nonprofit to serve humanitarian organizations by providing media and marketing resources.

We are a full service creative agency that operates on a cost basis to keep our services affordable to small and mid-size nonprofit organizations.

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Commercial Rates

For a breakdown of rates for your commercial project please our commercial site.


Photography = $500 per day

Day rate for photography on location includes additional time needed for professional editing. Lifetime exclusive usage rights worldwide. Each day of photography includes delivery of 30 – 50 final edited photos.

Travel Day Cost = $200 per day (billed in half day increments to pay for our time)

All travel expenses such as transportation, hotel, food, visas and other related expenses will be billed through to the client.

Brand Strategy

We have worked with a number of humanitarian organizations in Asia to help them create message brands that clearly and concisely communicate the value of the work they are doing.

The creation of a brand strategy is a collaborative effort and will require the engagement of your leadership team.

Brand Strategy = starting at $2000 per package

Website Design

One page web site = $500

Multi page site (up to 6 pages) = starting at $2000

Larger more complex site with heavy design and integration elements = starting at $3000


Cinematography = $400 per day. Capture and delivery only. No post production included.

Basic Video = $1000 per video. Client writes script or voiceover. Under 3 minutes. Includes 1 day of shooting and all post production

Complex Video = $2000 per video. Up to 3 different people interviewed or voiced. We will help you plan your video and provide on site direction. Final delivered video up to 5 minutes long. Includes 1-3 days of shooting and all post production.

Worldwide usage licensing. Includes two rounds of edits. Additional rounds of edits will come with an additional charge. Travel costs including transportation, hotel, food and other expenses will be billed through to the client. Travel days will be billed at $200 per day in half day increments.

For more heavily produced videos (including scripts or actors) or documentary projects please contact us for a quote.

Further Discounted Rates

We don’t want our costs to be a barrier for non-profit organizations to use our services.  We specialize in working with smaller local organizations that don’t have a large marketing budget.  Our services are often needed for these organizations to be able to raise the money needed to grow.  Because of this we provide discounts of 25%, 50%, and 75% (off non-profit rates listed above) based on the size of the organization, their ability to pay, and the impact we see the project having for the organization.  

We ask organizations to pay our non-profit rates above when they can because these are the base rates that cover our time and expenses.  We personally fundraise to bring in donations so we can cover our costs and provide smaller organizations with discounts.  

Donate so we can give smaller organizations a discount

Application for Discounted Services

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