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We have had the privilege of creating websites for nonprofits in Asia since 2015.

Alternative Care Thailand

Alternative Care Thailand is a coalition of NGOs working together with the Thai Government to see the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child implemented in Thailand. They needed a website to advocate for the rights of vulnerable children in Thailand to 4 distinct audiences.

We designed the website to communicate with 4 district audiences and worked with Alternative Care Thailand to craft a unified brand message communicate to all 4 audiences. We also helped them create a Thai language version of the site to effectively communicate with their Thai audience. The website has been well received and fostered more partnership opportunities with the Thai government

Clear Cambodia

Clear Cambodia provides clean water to thousands of Cambodians every year through their BioSand water filter program. They needed a website that clearly communicated the benefits of BioSand filters to a variety of audiences, granting organizations, government officials, NGO’s and the Cambodian people who ultimately get clean water from the filters.

We designed a site that explained who they were, why BioSand filters are important, and how it was they were impacting the lives of real people. We also helped them develop a Khmer language version of the site to speak directly to the Cambodian people.

The website has helped them develop new partnerships with other NGOs and new districts around Cambodia, while educating the Cambodian consumers about the benefits of BioSand Filters.

Shalom Mission Cambodia

Shalom Mission Cambodia is a locally run association of Christian churches in Cambodia. Due to the lack of economic opportunity available to many of their church members, they need to raise funding to cover pastors salaries and other expenses outside the country. They needed a website for communicating with donors outside of Cambodia and a method to accept donations online.

We designed a new website to communicate who they are and the impact they are having, as well as helped them setup an online donation platform to simplify the donation process and the costs associated with receiving donations.

Through the new website they have been able to secure new recurring donations and larger one time gifts and spend less on processing fees and other costs.

Hope International School

Hope International School provides a quality Christian education to the children of international cross cultural workers in Cambodia. They needed a website that clearly communicated with 4 different groups of people – parents of students, prospective students and parents, and prospective teachers, and alumni.

We designed their website to have four pathways to experience Hope International School, each with information tailored to one of the four audiences. As a result, visitors to their site are finding the information they need quickly and staff are spending less time providing answers to questions that are already answered on the website.

New Hope For Cambodia Children

New Hope for Cambodian Children operates a village where they care for more than 300 children with HIV in Cambodia. They needed a website that helped donors and volunteer teachers understand the challenges these children face growing up with HIV in Cambodia and would inspire them to get involved.

We designed a website that tells their amazing story and their love for these children. This website continues to help recruit volunteer teachers and raise funds to help these children grow up healthy and receive a quality education.

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