Inspire Action

You get 8 seconds to help someone understand who you are and what you do.

Sounds like a crazy internet challenge, but the reality is that you attempt to complete this challenge every time someone new lands on your website. (Studies have determined this is the average time it takes for people to decide if they will stay on a website or not)

Are you making the most of those 8 seconds? If you succeed and persuade them to stay longer, is your website able to engage them and inspire them to act?

Your website must be an intentional experience, specifically crafted to help your audience engage quickly while providing the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and the work you do.

Creating Audience Focused Websites

While your website can be full of information about you, how that information is organized and delivered on your website needs to be carefully chosen and crafted with your specific audience in mind.

We will create a website that will inspire your audience to act by starting with the right questions:

Who is your audience?
What do you want your audience to do?
What questions does your audience need answered before they can act?

Engaging your audience quickly is important, but that doesn’t mean your site will be light on information.


Your website is the best place to integrate your brand message with compelling visual media that leads your audience on a journey to discover the deeper parts of who you are, what you do, and how you do it.


At each step your audience will understand a simple part of your brand and be interested in discovering more.

Potential Pitfalls Preventing Action

Confusion – Confusion kills curiosity. If your message is unclear or your website offers too much information too quickly your audience will become confused and leave.

Lack of depth – When your audience comes to your website looking for additional information and doesn’t find what they want, they are unlikely to take action.

Ultimately, while your website is about you, the message on the site needs to resonate with your audience, people outside your organization.

Understanding who your donors are, what they believe, what information they want, and what language resonates with them are important factors in how we design your website.

Our Design Invites Engagement By:


Starting Simple – Getting their attention and telling them what you do as simply as possible. Establishing understanding before moving on.

Providing Choice – Different people will be interested in different parts of what you do, we give them a choice for how to continue their journey.
Forest Before Trees – Painting a complete picture of your work and making sure all the relevant information is available without being overly detailed initially. Where more detail is available we will provide it in other pages or a download.
Inviting Action – Letting your audience know what you want them to do by giving them the opportunity to act along the way.

What You Get

A clear, visually appealing website that takes your audience on a journey to discover you and get involved.


When you hire us for website design you can expect:

Initial Consultation – We meet with you to discuss what options are best for you in regards to website platform, hosting, themes, and functionality.
Site Design – We design your new website with a modern look and feel that will help your audience engage quickly and inspire them to act.
Mobile Ready – You site will look great, and be easy to navigate on mobile devices.
Page Load Speed and Basic SEO Functionality – We optimize your site to make sure pages load fast and can be easily discovered by your audience.
Video Training – We provide video training specific to your website, to help you update and maintain you website as needed.
Ongoing Assistance – We are available to help if you have problems with your site or need to make changes and upgrades to the site after it is finished.

An effective website must have attractive visual design, clear messaging, be easy to navigate, and invite action.

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